DONNA Preferred Studio Directory presented by Jacksonville Mom

Looking for fun ways to Mother’s Day Your Way? Check out the preferred fitness studios participating in support of The DONNA Foundation.


Offering a variety of services to make your time
in achieving your health and fitness goals most efficient and effective.
Interim location at 1500 Beach Blvd in Jax Beach!
Call 904-339-0323

At HiReformance Institute we understand the body
and what is needed for all levels of athletic performance.

Pilates improves alignment and teaches you to move
and power from the core, which improves strength and efficiency.
It also improves flexibility, and balances all muscles in the body,
which aids in longevity and injury prevention.
The mind body aspect helps with focus, mental calm,
and concentration.

We offer three styles of Pilates at HiReformance Institute.
Standard Pilates (classes consist of 25-35 moves that
work the entire body), High Intensity Pilates
(classes consist of 9-12 moves with one of
three formats: tabata, flow and superset) and
Restorative Pilates (is just stretching, but using
the equipment to assist with your stretches).
At our studio you have the option of taking
classes on the Reformer and Chair or on the Cadillac.

Looking for high cardio and strength?
We also offer indoor cycling, cardio sculpt classes and
the Dirty Thirty (which is a combination of the two).
Ride to amazing music or music videos with
bikes that tilt, turn and swivel…
Burning more calories than the standard stationary bike.
Tighten and tone your entire body with our cardio sculpt class.
We use weights, resistance bands, sliding discs,
bosu balls and more…

HiReformance Institute
13474 Atlantic Blvd. Suite 103 and 104
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Joyful Yoga. Spreading seeds of joy!
As we begin to move toward our “new normal”,
we are all looking for ways to move our bodies, relax our minds
and reduce stress. Joyful Yoga offers a supportive community
you can join from the comfort of your own home.

Join Joyful Yoga virtually on Sat, May 8, at 11 AM,
or Sun, May 9, at 8 AM or 11 AM.
Register with the code 2021MDYW to receive Zoom link.

StretchLab is a unique wellness boutique that offers
One-on-One Assisted Stretching.

A proper stretching routine increases your range of motion and
flexibility – making everyday tasks easier and improving your quality
of life.  StretchLab’s team of highly trained Flexologist will give you a
deeper stretch than you can achieve on your own.
We have 2 studios to serve you, Atlantic Beach and Mandarin.

For Mother’s Day Your Way, schedule your stretch session at our
introductory 50 minute stretch rate and receive a FREE
pair of grip socks.
Call Atlantic Beach at 904-440-0334 or
Mandarin at 904-637-4885 or schedule online.

STRIDE is a treadmill-based cardio and strength workout
designed for every fitness level. An engaging program
led by dynamic run coaches, STRIDE offers a supportive
and inclusive environment providing three signature class
formats including interval, endurance-based and strength training.
Every class has its own curated playlist to make sure you
have a great time while you sweat! Try your first class for free 

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to strengthen your skills
or a busy mom or dad who needs a moment of peace,
yoga is for you. We provide you the tools, time and space
to dedicate to you; to shift your perspective;
to realize you’re already living your best life.
At Yoga Mix we envision a community of people living a happy,
healthy, intentional life.


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