Save the date for a mother’s day event in may with registration opening later this summer!

We are thrilled to announce the return to in-person events for the 2022 Fearless Series, including the 15th Annual DONNA Marathon Weekend. As we come back together after a challenging year of uncertainty, it is important to realize how strong we are “Together” — which is the theme for the coming year’s events. We are eager to welcome patients, survivors and their supporters back in person to not only work together toward finishing breast cancer, but to be together to celebrate the resilience of the human spirit as the DONNA Marathon celebrates its 15th anniversary as The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. Virtual options will be available for all events in the 2022 Fearless Series, as well, for anyone who wants to support the Foundation’s mission but may not be able or ready to return to the in-person race experience.

“We are so happy to return to in-person events within the coming months. Over the past year, we have continued to pursue DONNA finish lines ‘Everywhere, Together,’ a theme that captured our collective dedication to shared goals, even when we couldn’t share finish lines. We look forward to bringing back the joy and power that comes with physically locking arms, embracing each other and stepping forward in pursuit of our mission,” said Donna Deegan, founder of The DONNA Foundation.

In celebration of National Cancer Survivor Month, we invite athletes to join our monthly giving program. Funds support breast cancer patients and families who struggle to pay for treatment, or are forced to choose between medical expenses and necessary living expenses. For as little as $19 a month, you can help remove a family’s financial burden and provide care to a patient in need.

Monthly donors also receive exclusive discounted pricing on all Fearless Series events; registration is anticipated to open later this summer, along with opportunities for volunteers, sponsors and fundraisers.

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